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The best sofas and couches you can buy

The best sofas and couches you can buy
Update Time:2018-03-27

The best sofas and couches you can buy

The Insider Pick:

Because furniture is a matter of taste, it's difficult to select the best sofas you can buy. We've rounded up some of the best-reviewed sofas in a variety of styles that you can buy online to help guide you in the right direction. Our favorite sofa is the Ashley Signature Design Larkinhurst with its classic look and reasonable sub-$600 price tag.

If you’re a typical husband, you probably don’t have a lot of opinions concerning furniture in your living room, at least until it’s time to pick the sofa. Then your ears perk up and you’re paying full attention.

After all, the sofa is extremely important to you. It’s probably where you’ll sit to watch football. It’s potentially where you’ll spill a bit of nacho cheese after the big touchdown. It’s where you’ll fall asleep just before Kimmel starts. And it’s where you’ll be banished at bedtime when you do something stupid until you decide to apologize. Hey, it’s better than sleeping in the dog house.

So when choosing the best sofa — or feel free to call it a davenport, futon, chesterfield, couch, or divan — it has to be versatile, comfortable, and fit your body. Additionally, it had better look great and fit the room’s décor so that your wife likes it, too. You don’t want to make this choice completely on your own, or you’re likely to end up spending several nights sleeping on your new sofa, rather than in your bed.

We've rounded up five great sofas in a variety of sizes and styles that you can buy online. Before we get into our picks, here are some things to think about when buying a new sofa or couch.

Key considerations for sofas

We mentioned above a few of the reasons you may want to use a sofa, but there are certainly other reasons. As The Spruce, Smart Furniture, and Havenly point out, determining which reasons are most important to your needs can help you find the best sofa for you.

Everyday use: If you’re going to be using the sofa every day, rather than placing in a room where it’ll only have occasional use, a sturdy, well-built sofa is key. If you’ll rarely use the sofa, the design may be more important than build quality and function.

Materials: Sofas are made from many different materials. In the frames, you’ll find hardwood, metal, and particle board. The cushions and fabrics differ from model to model, too. Finding just the right mix of materials is important to match the style and durability you want in a sofa.

Overall size: Sofas offer a wide variety of seating area sizes, accommodating anywhere from two to five people comfortably. Consider the size of your room and the number of people who will be sitting on the sofa at once when determining the desired size of the sofa. Additionally, consider traffic flow for the room when looking at sofa size.

Recliners: Some sofas include a reclining section, which is a nice feature. However, such sofas will carry a higher price point than sofas without recliners built into them.

Seating depth: Tall people will prefer a sofa with a deep seating area and a tall back, while shorter people will prefer a shallower seating area. For older people who struggle to stand up after sitting on a soft couch, a shallower seating area with a sturdy back cushion is helpful.

Sofa bed: For a small house with no option for a guest bedroom, a fold-out sofa sleeper bed or futon style sofa gives you the ability to turn your living room into a spare bedroom when needed. Sofas with fold-out beds are extremely heavy and cost a bit more than traditional sofas though. 


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